September 2014 archive

New Hamp Boars

SOLD!! If you need specific pigs, call and reserve them early!  (478) 697-2521   New Hampshire boars are approaching service age and ready for your herd.  Check out our newest five pics or call to hear about all our purebred offerings.

Feeder Pigs

We are seldom without a number of feeder pigs.  No matter what your taste, we usually have a feeder pig in each of our four breeds.  While we do specialize in purebred stock, we occasionally throw in an F1 litter.  Tell us what you need and let us fill your next order.

Photo Requests

We have recently had numerous requests for pictures of hogs that are not posted on the website.  If you have a request or want additional information about any of the Hamps, Yorks, Berks, or Durocs just ask and we will post as soon as possible.