Breeder’s Guide

Our Vaccinations and Recommendations


  • 2cc Farrowsure Gold B before breeding and every breeding thereafter
  • 2cc Litterguard LTC when sow is put in farrowing house approximately one week before farrowing
  • Injectable Ivomectin as directed at one week before farrowing



  • 2cc Farrowsure Gold B every six months
  • Injectable Ivomectin as direced every six months


Pigs at birth

  • 2cc Injectable iron 100mg
  • 1cc injectable Gentamicin
  • 2 pumps of Spectaguard
  • cut “needle teeth”
  • ear notch
  • We also use Safeguard wormer feed grade in pigs 80-100 lbs.


***Safeguard feed grade in sows and boars every 1-2 years***

We use JRG Supply, Fort Dodge, Iowa for supplies @ (800) 354-7433

We feed Multicare Premix: contact Woodrow Williams @ (229) 392-1929